Sunday, March 20, 2011

Puffy Flower Tawashi!


I don't know about everyone else, but I love using a tawashi to do dishes! I haven't used (or bought) a sponge in a loooong time. They're so easy to make, and in the long run, you save money. I actually think they work better than a sponge, honestly. And when it gets dirty, you just throw it in the washer...just be sure to make enough that you always have one handy!

You want to use acrylic yarn, the more scratchy and uncomfortable feeling, the better lol. I almost always use Red Heart Super Saver, it works great for scrubbing and its cheap :D (always a plus, right?)

I apologize in advance if I've made a mistake in the pattern, I'm still pretty new at writing my own patterns, but I love it, and I love puff stitches. I'm wanting to make a few different puffy tawashi patterns! So here it is!

Puffy Flower Tawashi

Size G Hook
Worsted Weight Acrylic Yarn (MC and CC for two colors :P)
Tapestry Needle

Gauge isn't important, however if you find its too small, switch to a larger hook
Special Stitches
Puff stitch: (Yo, insert hook in st, draw up long lp) 3 times, yo and draw through all loops on hook, ch1...I will just call them puffs in the pattern lol

With MC, Ch. 6, sl st in first ch to form loop

Round 1: work 6 puffs in loop, sl st in first puff to join
Round 2: 2 puffs in same st as joining and each puff from previous round around, sl st in first puff st to join, switch to CC now if making two color tawashi
Round 3: ch 1, sc in each puff st AND chain around, sl st in first sc to join
Round 4: do not ch 1, sk first st (the stitch you joined in), *5 dc in next st, skip next st, sl st in next st, rep from * to last 2 st, 5 dc in next st, sk next st, sl st in first dc to join. Fo, weave in ends, and enjoy!



  1. Very cute. I can't wait to make these.

  2. You're very welcome! And thanks Bags! I hope they save you some money on those sponges :D

  3. I just made a few, they are so easy and fun. Thanks. Love it!