Monday, March 28, 2011

Something a bit different...Lining your clips

Ok, so I make bows...and flowers...for my 3 year old daughter and myself (More for myself, I love hair accessories!). When I make them, I don't usually have babies in mind, I'd rather make them for a different age group, but hey, they look cute on little girls and babies too! 

But I wanted to give a little tip to other people who may be having trouble lining their clips with hot glue. That's all I used and...well I don't know if its normal or if I just can't use a hot glue gun right...But my clips always turned out lumpy and ugly, no matter how fast I stuck the ribbon to the clip. And I always got those annoying strings of hot glue when I was done, and would have to spend a little while cleaning it up when I was done. So annoying. 

So ugly!

Look at that...just terrible. I was wanting to make some lined clips just to wear like this or with something small attached, but there was no way I was going to wear them like this. They were so ugly!

Well I looked all around and couldn't find many tips. All I found was people saying to use "tacky glue"....Well I went out and bought Aleene's clear gel tacky glue. Didn't work, it didn't seem to stick very well no matter how long I held it there. Then I thought, maybe the problem was that I got the wrong tacky glue...So I went out and spent more money on the regular Aleene's tacky glue...Ya that worked out about the same. How disappointing...I was ready to give up and just deal with the ugly clips forever...But then...I figured it out!


Fabri-Tac! Its wonderful! You can get it at a craft store like Michael's or Joann, Walmart, or even online here!

Look at that! Looks much nicer!
So that's it! You just line them the same way you're comfortable with, but use the Fabri-Tac instead of the hot glue, I think it holds just as good, and you get a little extra time to straighten it out if you messed up, although it still needs to be done quick, just not as quick as the hot glue. 

Well, that's all I got for now, I really hope I helped at least one person here. And I'm sure this isn't some new thing, I just happened to have found it late lol. 

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