Tuesday, April 19, 2011

New patterns should be up soon!

So I have a new pattern that's almost ready to be put up. I was so bored for the majority of the day, I decided to get out my big pic of crochet ideas that I've been adding to for a couple of months and make one. It went so smoothly! I was pretty surprised! I just need to make a polish up the pattern because I realized I messed up somewhere, but I figured out the problem as soon as I put it together...make a few more, take pics, and it'll be done! Yay!

Anyways, here's a couple ideas I drew out, and this is like, only two out of a ton lol.

Lol like 5 min of work here, its crappy XD

I labelled them both as a tawashi, but I think they would be too big so I've upgraded them to bath toys/bath scrubbies. My daughter loves these things, and she loves bath toys, so I think it'll work out :). I'm really excited to get these things going! So, in conclusion, I should have a pattern or two (if I'm lucky lol) up in the next week or so!

Oh and I desperately need to put some more bows up on Etsy, I have way too many sitting here haha. I ended up selling about 5 bows and some other things the other day and one of my favorite bows was one I shipped out, I was so sad to see it go lol.

You turned out so cute, little bow! You were my favorite!

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