Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Girls Only!

Bows and other cute things!

Ok, so I don't like bugging people, but I just started a facebook page for all my bows and amigugumi (which will expand when I make more patterns...which I have a lot planned lol). I started it on Easter, so its still brand new, I'm still only starting out with the whole selling bows thing, and I already have the Etsy Shop, but with the facebook page, I can run contests and give stuff away for free to the winners and such. I dunno, you have much more contact with people on facebook rather than an Etsy shop. I love Etsy though.

I hope there will be some people that check out Girls Only on Facebook, and find the perfect bow for that special little girl or even you! And even win free stuff! I always end up making a bow or two for myself because I love them lol. If you have something special in mind, different colors or anything, you can always let me know, I want the bows to be perfect and exactly what you want lol. 

When I hit probably 50 fans I'm planning on doing a referral contest where the person that refers the most people will win something, it will probably be a tutu or like 5 bows for free! The tutu will be your choice of colors :D

But seriously, I really do hate bothering people like this and sounding like a salesman haha. But what I get so much enjoyment out of is creating, and people enjoying what i have created for them, and this really is a wide variety of things, not only the bows, but when people ask me to design tattoos, ask for a specific drawing (and that really does take forever to get it looking nice lol), crocheting or knitting things for people, making patterns to share with people. It really is an amazing feeling...maybe because its one of the only things I'm good at haha.

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