Sunday, June 19, 2011

Hats and Stuff!

Well, I made some hats I for Girls Only some were ok, some were meh and boring lol. I was surprised to see some of these boutiques charging so much for such a simple hat...

I guess on the boutiques they're calling them Kufi Hats...Personally...I just call them shelly hats lol. Obviously, they're incredibly easy to make. Why spend like $20 on a hat that takes less than an hour to make? They're pretty cute too, much cuter on someone than laying flat on a table lol. And they're especially cute with a bow or flower clipped on!!

But ya, just wanted to say that my next pattern will PROBABLY be one of these hats. I'm still deciding exactly how I want the shells to be and such. Plus TRY to make them in different sizes. I dunno, that's the hardest part for me. I have some guidelines on how to wing hats and get them to fit right...But while I'm making them, they either seem too big or too small, even when the measurements are perfect...maybe its just me lol.

Plus its pretty hard for me to make them different sizes when I don't have someone here to model it lol. I don't have a baby 0-3 months...3-6...6-12, and so on lol. So ya they would prolly be either adult size or 4 year old girls size lol.    

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